• Couple of Alsatian Inseparable dolls, wedding gift, love talisman. Two Motanka dolls are connected by arms, formed in one piece. Height = approximately 20 cm. The dolls can be placed or hung.
    Motanka doll is an ancient pagan talisman made without seam, by winding a thread around a fabric / wool. The tradition of Motanka has been carefully preserved and developed in Ukraine today. Made gently, without being stung, in a good state of mind, the doll will be given a power to protect and ensure the well-being of the person to whom it is offered.
    This model of the "Inseparable" dolls is an idea for a wedding gift, a gift for a couple, a gift for a lover, a gift for Valentine's Day, a gift for an important date, a gift for the person in search of love.

    Couple of Alascian Inseparable dolls, wedding gift, love talisman