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Ivanna, dollartist and designer

I am a French lifestyler of Ukrainian origin, based in Strasbourg, European in spirit and world citizen by calling and vocation. Welcome to my online Motanka studio! Let's create and share together an artistic experience following your liking and mood.

My business is founded on the values ​​of respect for nature and for others. Motanka doll is an ancient

pagan talisman that embodies them all. My passion and my alter ego, she is of Ukrainian origin, French and Alsatian, European and world citizen like myself.


Created without sewing nor waste, technically by reusing, upcycling and revaluing fabrics, and generally in a smooth, delicate manner with a positive mindset only ! 

We could still find traces of such a tradition in all parts of the Earth, in many cultures: "Martisor" in Romania and Moldova, "Martenici" in Bulgaria, baby comforter "Träumerle" in certain regions of Germany, faceless dolls in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic, etc. However, it is in Ukraine where Motanka doll has been preserved and cultivated for centuries to become an institution, an integral part of its culture and its contemporary artistic life.

So, thank you for your curiosity and my pleasure to share Motanka's amazing universe with you!


In Motanka Art&Craft boutique you will find different Motanka dolls, as well as jewelry, accessories and decor, that I design and create. Choose a special gift for a special person and/or for yourself, for a special event - and I will customize it according to your desire and needs.

You can also purchase here some Ukrainian ethno-vintage fashion items and pieces of handicrafts, coming from several artisanal producers who are my partners in Ukraine.

For a special project, for your group or enterprise, we have individually tailored offers. Do not hesitated to contact me and I would be happy to help you realize your ideas. 

Want to do It yourself? Individually or as a group, welcome to Motanka DIY Workshops, you will enjoy the results!

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