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I walked with Amal

Little Amal* is a 3.5 metre-tall puppet. In the name of every child, who lost home and family, in wars and conflicts, she walks as many of those unaccompanied minors, separated from their parents, across the European continent. She walks through many towns and villages to meet you and tell her story, the stories of millions of young refugees. Little Amal is 9-years old Syrian girl, forced to leave her country, destroyed by war. She takes the road to unknown, to danger and longlihood, the road to new life, the road to hope. Her name is hope. Little Amal takes The Walk**.

France is amongst the 8 countries to welcome Little Amal by different events, performances and meetings. On September 30th it was the turn of Strasbourg and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to welcome Little Amal. The Ukrainian delegation to the PACE entrusted me the creation of 1-meter Motanka doll, their gift to Little Amal. This is how in 36 hours Sofia was born. She was like the ray of sun at that late Indian summer day, in the light shed in front the Palace of Europe. Sofia started her journey along with Little Amal, herself a symbol of all the internally displaced children from the occupied Crimea and war zones in Donetsk and Lugansk regions in Ukraine.

*The Little Amal puppet and “The Walk” are a joint project by South Africa’s acclaimed Handspring Puppet Company and Good Chance Theatre, which has been working with refugees since 2015.

**The Walk is an international arts festival meets endurance event.

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