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In Memory Of The Heavenly Hundred

Today I am going to tell you about another facet of the Motanka doll, the one I've never spoken before ... Motanka, a millennial amulet doll, was also the link with the afterlife, the link with those who'd passed away. Motanka embodied in her the memory of ancestors and the link between generations.

February 20, 2014, about 100 protestors were assassinated on Maidan Square in Ukraine, the culmination of the Revolution of Dignity and the wave of violence poured out on the civilian population by the former criminal regime. The new civil society was born on that day. It couldnot yet see the coming military aggression of a neighbor country, neither the occupation of Crimea, nor the hybrid war deployed by the same aggressor against the countries and democratic values ​​in Europe and throughout the world.

That day the civil society in Ukraine mourned the dead, having defended European and democratic values, freedom and dignity.

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