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Motanka Dolls travel the world

Our French girl from Alsace is enjoying a great company in the Cherkassy Regional Country Studies Musem, in Ukraine, her and all her dollfriends will travel all over the country for 1 year. Special thanks to Tato Zolo from Germany and Nina Hagen from Norway, both talented artists with Ukrainian origins, for organization!

Maybe you'd seen her before: in spring, she took part at the other exhibition in France, at the Local History and Traditions Museum in Kutzenhause, in Northern Alsace,

Red Passion (Rouge Passion)

Now she's gone for a 1-year tour with many other dollfriends, representing traditional costumes from different countries and regions of Europe.

Here you might enjoy some picturestaken by organizers and visitors of the first exhibition event in Cherkassy. Enjoy the first video too! Should you have chosen your favourite doll yet, please do share your vote in comments below! :)

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