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Cities are like human beings : all different, individual tastes, preferences, biological rhythms, ups and downs, tastes and humors. Someone looks best in the morning, another one feels great by night. Cities try and change seasons and months like we change cloths and try new looks. You might argue and say spring is the best time of the year to discover some beautiful old town in all its splendor …

And yet, there are places that reveal the whole beauty of their souls, their profound poetry, only in fall, and most particularly in October. For those who’d been to Prague, you’d like to come back again. But do it in October, and you’d love to stay.

The City of Hundred Spires lives a full transfiguration in October. The famous Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, churches and museums, all historical sights and beautiful buildings, every stone and stain glass are filled with magic shades of golden leaves and rays of light.

And yes it’s cold, and you take refuge in bars and cafes from time to time. October’s golden palette is in Czech beers now, warm welcome and hearty food as a bonus. You’d find that cozy friendly atmosphere of Brussels or Amsterdam, in a much less rainy climate.

Prague is also remarkable by its pragmatic sense of organization and irreproachable managing of the tourist floods. The floods are impressive too in this Central European capital, or, at least they were in a pre- covid19 era. Just as impressive was the dominance of Asian 24 hours souvenir shops, covering the whole set of neighborhoods of historical and tourist interest and sometimes even selling Czech pieces of handcrafts amongst the smoking hash accessories and imported trinkets. Something has to be Kafkaesque in the city where the writer was born.

Literature, history, music, drama, fine arts, this is all Prague in October. Take a walk to the Kampa Island and behind the autumn trees curtain find out the same name museum with the works of Frantisek Kupka and the then forbidden by communist regime generation of modern art.

The Jewish Quarter, a unique set of historical monuments and memorial sights of the dark past in Europe, is waiting for pilgrims on the fallen leaves carpet…

Finally, let’s cross the Vltava River and go Art Nouveau. This is already another distinct subject for article, but just go there, even on a virtual tour. The Mucha Museum, the unique collection dedicated to Alfonse Mucha in a beautiful baroque palace will keep you enchanted in the autumn spell of Praque.

La photo du musée Mucha du site

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