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OCTOBER CITIES: Take A Boat In Strasbourg

October in Strasbourg is a great time to explore the city by the water. Take a sightseeing boat, sheltered from the rain, wind and chilly tempretaure, you will see something magic. Stunning architecture, half-timbered houses and art nouveau, still remaining savage nature spots, swans' secret hiding places in a perfect autumn gilded splendor. And how about the river cruise accompanied with Alsatian sparkling wine and kugelopf sweat or salty cakes?

Randez-vous à l'Embarcadère Palais de Rohan :) Meeting point for people waiting for a boat, taking a walk, taking pictures. Meeting point for different architectural styles and epoques. Enthroned on the fish market square (place du Marché aux Poissons), a 5-meters plane tree would offer you shadow in summer heat and wonderful decoration all year round. This maple-leaved or common plane tree, appeared during the 18th century. In October, it filters the sunlight in a very special and delicate manner, reflecting on stunning historical facades, adjacent to the canal bank.

I must admit, this place is a great starting point to visit Strasbourg not only in October. However, this is the city of Strasbourg, that actually made me fall in love with fall. And it happened in October. What I'd always remembered to be a dull and nasty season before, welcomed me in a marvelous golden magnificence here fifteen years ago. Bright shades on the water and stones, mild late season cosy terraces and the rythm of life, smooth of the autumn sun, well-cared for flourishing bridges and walkways would take your heart away.

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