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This motanka doll in African style is handcrafted in France, following the ancient Ukrainian pagan talisman doll tradition and technique. This is how our common ancestral roots talk letting the cultural diplomacy work.

The doll's skirt is filled with perfum / spices at the bottom of her skirt. The motanka doll comes from ancient pagan societies, with a strong matriarchal culture and influence. This particular model represents a woman mother and grandmother who dominated in matriarchal societies, in the most enjoyable way: by kindly protecting and taking a good care of others. Thus being considered the most powerful talisman of all motanka doll varieties, the perfumed lady was often offered to those who needed the strongest protection, also as the birth gift, or for the whole family. It has to be placed at some rather central and visible place in the house in order to fully protect it. It's protective powers, according to ancestors, supposedly lasted for one solar year.

Each doll being handcfated, there may be slight variations from the photo.

Perfumed African Talisman Doll

  • Materials: Fabrics, thread, spices (coffee or cinnamon).

    Height : about 20 cm.