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  • Alsatian family lucky dolls:

    - Alsatian lucky charm (h = 20-23 cm)

    - Miss Alsace scented lucky charm doll (h = 20 cm), perfume of your choice

    - Small Alsatian lucky charm (h = 10-12 cm)

    - mini Alsatian (h = 7cm)

    made with the technique of the pagan Motanka talisman: seamless, by winding a thread around a fabric. Made gently, without being pricked, in a good state of mind, in order to protect and ensure the well-being of the person to whom the doll is offered.
    Gift for him, for her, for the whole family, decoration of the interior, home or office.
    Height: approximately 20-23 cm.
    Outfit inspired by the tradition of the Alsace region.

    This model goes well with the perfumed Miss Alsace Lucky Charm doll, a gift idea for a couple, for Valentine's Day, wedding, engagement, couple's anniversary, etc.

    Small lucky charms and miniatures can complete "the family".

    As each doll is created by hand, there may be slight variations from the photo.

    Alsatian family lucky dolls


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