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  • Mavka is our collectible motanka talisman doll, inspired by the mythological character from the great Ukrainian and European writer Lessia Ukrainka and her immortal Song of the Forest. Incarnation of the spirit of the forest in Ukrainian Slavic mythology, the main character in the literary work of Lessia Oukrainka, a great Ukrainian and European feminist writer, namely in her magical drama "Song of the Forest". Height = 34 cm, the doll is made without sewing, by winding a thread around a fabric. The doll stands with or without support, it is flexible enough to make slight changes to its posture. Pagan talisman, lucky charm protector and interior decoration, it is a special gift and a unique piece.

    Mavka Talisman Doll, Mythological Character From Song of the Forest

    €59.00 Regular Price
    €53.10Sale Price
    • New materials and upcycling, zero waste ecofriendly creation. Fabrics, threads, ribbons, beads and supplies. H=35cm.

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